Utah House Speaker on Federal Lands and Sex Ed

Speaker Lockhart and Majority Leader Dee.

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Proliferation of Politicians

This conversation with Quin Monson of BYU’s School of Politics was fun, as are all conversations with Quin. He’s such a straightforward and insightful guy. He had some insight on the nature of the governor’s race I found enlightening…see what you think.

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Polling Place Madness

Take a look at the crowds at the Webster School in Manchester. Truly the most amazing thing is how accomodating the voters are. They are so willing to talk. They seem to revel in their first state status. 

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Campaign Theme Songs

Ronald Reagan had Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American.”

Bill Clinton had Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”

Mitt Romney has Kid Rock’s “Born Free”

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Huntsman Town Hall

It’s quintessential, quaint New Hampshire politics meets international media scrum…with Utah’s former governor in the spotlight. Three days ago, Jon Huntsman would have had two or three reporters following him.  Today, it’s probably somewhere north of 50. If the media and the town hall attendees had a tug of war…the results would be close. A lot of the reporters smoke, the town hall people tend to be old.

Ok, enough tug-of-war commentary!

Anyway…here’s some video from the scrum. We actually had a professional photographer on hand with good sound, which you can see on the News at 9 and Good Day Utah.

Oh, and yes I know I ramble when I ask questions, I’ll bet I kind of annoyed the national press, but they were nice about it.

By the way, the interviewer early on is a nice guy from the Netherlands national broadcasting corporation.

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Any Uncertainty in NH?

The latest polling shows Mitt Romney with a commanding lead here,  but expectations are high, and the vote may not reach the 35 or 40 percent that looked possible last week.

Rick Santorum will not win New Hampshire unless something dramatic happens. How do I know? He just said so himself. After the debate, he came down to the spin room and said he hoped to do well in NH but he’s flying to SC because he’s “not going to win” here.

Jon Huntsman’s team is ready for questions about how well he needs to do to continue campaigning. His campaign manager Matt David says they need to meet or exceed expectations which were pretty low going in. David also said Huntsman will “absolutely not” run as a third-party candidate.

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If You’re Feeling Jaded, Watch This…

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